Terry the Trustworthy Tarantula

My first children’s book! I’m pleased to announce my first children’s book, Terry the Trustworthy Tarantula. Terry the tarantula has a problem that only Darcy the duck can solve. In this story, these two strangers consider an unlikely friendship. One must learn to trust and the other must demonstrate trust. […]

Service + Leadership ≠ Servant Leadership

Service Is Not Servant Leadership  Dr. Richard Blackaby told the story of a minister to college students who proudly explained he was teaching his students lessons on servant leadership. The minister related how he had taken his protégés to a downtown location where they had served soup to the homeless. […]

Servant Leadership is NOT Soft Leadership

Is Servant Leadership Soft Leadership?  Some think servant leadership is soft leadership. Some imagine a weak leader at the beck and call of her employees, yielding to their whims, not holding them accountable, not getting results—a doormat for them to walk over. Others believe servant leaders have a parent/child relationship […]

Is Servant Leadership IT-YOU-ME or YOU-IT-ME?

One’s leadership style can be defined by how a leader prioritizes the organization and its mission (IT), the people he/she leads (YOU), and the leader himself/herself (ME). Self-serving Leaders Self-serving leaders prioritize ME-IT-YOU. All they do is for their benefit. They will forsake the organization or sacrifice the needs of […]