My first children’s book!

Terry the Trustworthy Tarantula

I’m pleased to announce my first children’s book, Terry the Trustworthy Tarantula. Terry the tarantula has a problem that only Darcy the duck can solve. In this story, these two strangers consider an unlikely friendship. One must learn to trust and the other must demonstrate trust. Can they forge a friendship through the power of trust?

This book teaches children the value of trust and what it means to be trustworthy.

Trustworthy means we do what we say.
We are honest, true, and kind every day.
We keep every promise and defend every friend.
Then everyone knows they can trust us to the end.

Terry the Tarantula

Though this book does not overtly address prejudice or racism, it subtly implies that trust–or the absence of it–is at the core of these societal concerns.

You cannot judge all
for the acts of a few.
You cannot judge one
by what others might do.

For all are not bad
and all are not good.
Judge others, not by their looks,
but by the works that they do.

Terry the Tarantula

This book could encourage conversations with children to help them better understand racial strife and prejudice and how they can erode trust and societal relations.

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