Are you experiencing a crisis of faith? Are you doubting what you once believed was true? Perhaps you feel God has abandoned you. Perhaps the answers you learned in Primary (read your scriptures, say your prayers, attend your meetings, etc.) that once renewed your spirit no longer have an effect. Perhaps you’ve sought counsel from friends, relatives, or Church leaders, but their counsel wasn’t helpful and they may have implied you are to blame. As a result, your doubts may cause you to feel guilt and shame.

Perhaps you are considering leaving the Church and abandoning your once sacredly held beliefs. To continue in the faith would feel deceitful, even hypocritical. You find yourself at a crossroads. One path is to abandon all you’ve held dear: your heritage, traditions, identity, doctrine, hopes, friendships, and even family to foray into a foreign and frightful future. Or, you can take the other path and “fake it ‘til you make it.” You can go through the motions hoping your faith will be renewed before you break.

This crisis of faith may feel like the death of your testimony. But what if it isn’t the death of your testimony, but a rebirth of it? What if this is a divinely designed spiritual cocoon intended to transform you into all you that you will want to become and all the Lord needs you to become—the best version of you?

Key Points

In this book, we will discuss the stages of faith and address these key points:

• First, doubt is not the absence of faith, it is the evidence of it.

• Second, the crisis of faith may be an essential stage in your spiritual development.

• Third, and most importantly, you will know how to endure the crises of faith and help others endure it.

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